Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1 Minute Autohypnosis Sex

Cover Art 

I created the song 'Yearnin' for a Moist Towelette' for this project.  If/when I can figure out how to piost it I will.  This is my first occassion of delving into sound art, experimental music, sound collage, whatever you prefer to call it.  Mute Sound Records released an awesome compilation CD with my and 15 other artist's contribution fo this project.  It was really fun to do, and the project was really well put together.  Very neat.

A Fishy Requisite

An online exhibition of ocean, sea, lake and river dwellers.  


Self-Portrait with Absinthe

An exhibition of Mail Artist Self-Portraits is to be held in Poland.  I sent in this older self-portrait that I had done while drinking absinthe, which needed a home.


Change in Seasons, Change in the Genetic Code - My Two Favorite Changes
Nothing lasts forever.  An exhibition on the topic of change will take place in the gallery Colognialwaren in Dec. 2008.   http://www.kulturgutkiez.de 


Sometimes I find it difficult to tame my love for those wonderful squishy denziens of the deep...

An exhibition on the theme of 'chromatophore' will be at the Globe Coffee Lounge in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, USA. (Sometime during fall 2009).


Exotic Animals in Art... for the rescue of endangered species

My newest linocut; an oarfish

Deuling Vampire Squid

Mammoth Dada

Exhibition on the theme of exotic animals opening in November of 2008, inside the Education Area of the Zoological Sahuatoba, Durango, Mexico.


Scarab Antannae in Toothpaste

California Carnivore

Gingerbread Boobies

Aphid in Heinikien

O Holy Sprinkles

Aphid Suspended in Ketchup

Bluegirl Ink is collecting artwork on the theme of food.  She says that "If all goes well I will hang these a local gallery , maybe a small traveling show."  As I really like the subject, i sent numerous postcards.  Several of them were laminated.

Side Show! Freak Show! Creep Show!

An exhibition in the works on the theme of freaks.  All art and imagery is supposed to appear online as of October 31, 2008, and a traveling exhibition with multiple venues is in the works as well.  Also planned is a 'Freak-Zine'.

Free Fall

I made a vampire squid stamp recently, and used it for the first time here as... "Vampire Squid Kite".  There's an art exhibit about kites being put on by "Smallest Forest" at a university in Austrailia.

From the World with Love

I found out that we have a lamination machine at work; subsequently I have fallen in love with laminating things.  I laminated some PM10 samples to make a neat collage and also laminated small pieces of my favorite tie and childhood blanket for this exhibit.  Exhibition at the end of the year held by SRK (SENI RUPA KORAN ) will be exhibited in SOS Gallery, Babakan Siliwangi ( BASIL ) area as part of a movement to grow and to preserve awareness for Human and Natural Green Area.  It will be curated by Bandung artist, Deden Sambas W.A.F  At the end of the Project, all works received will be make as a Multimedia documentary.